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March 13, 2009


Tony Chavez

Well man, I promise you this... I will be interceding on your behalf. The only advice I can give you is to follow peace. Don't be swayed by people. Don't be swayed by feelings. God has you on a mission, and it's not because you carry the "missionary" label. It's because you're a Christ follower. So, keep following Him, keep seeking Him, and it will be clear.

Love you bro!!

Matt Harrison

I am with you Scott. I am constantly evaluating what my purpose is and whether I am still on track with God and the direction He is taking me. It is so important to stay plugged in to God,the Holy Spirit and the Word during this time in our lives and to also support each other in prayer. I'm praying for you, buddy!

Destiny Church

Enjoy the journey... know that you are loved... know that you are safe... know that your church has you on our hearts and in our prayers... and don't eat too much hippopotamus. (from your facebook comment on having eaten hippo)

We love you buddy - We're proud of you!
Pastor Mike and Family

Jess G

I am glad you posted this blog...it is great insight into how you're feeling, but also a confirmation for so many others that sometimes taking things step by step is the only way you can follow God's plan for your life! One thought though...we DO need a photographer for Madelyn's baby pics..... :) I'm glad you're doing well, and doing what you're called to do!! We're praying for you!

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