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January 31, 2009


The Goolsbay Family

Glad you got a new camera. You deserve it.
That pic looks like a view of the hotel Mike & I stayed in. Am I right? -Renae


Yup, you hit that nail on the head. And the pic with Joelle that you put on Facebook, that was shot just outside this hotel as well. It's just across the street from the McCord flat where I am still hanging my hat. Amazing how much a little time and a LOT of God can change things eh?

Stacy Nyikos

Love the image! Glad to hear you're back behind the lens :-)

Destiny Church

Great Pic.. love it i have missed those sweet photos of yours


Aww Stacy, thank you!!! It feels good to BE back! In case you didn't already figure this out, I did go with the new full-frame option. I had no idea how much of a difference that would make. It is unbelievable. Did you say you were shooting a 5D?

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